Two eTutor Alberta tutors receive prestigious international awards

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 14:27 -- egripping
November 1, 2016
eCampusAlberta congratulates Ashley Burke, an Academic Strategist with Lethbridge College’s Learning Café, and Kathleen Hall, Writing and Learning Consultant with MacEwan University’s Writing and Learning Services, as the winners of the 2016 Diane J. Goldsmith Awards for Excellence in eTutoring. Both tutors work on behalf of their institutions for eTutor Alberta, a consortium that offers high-quality synchronous and asynchronous writing and math support to students at participating institutions across Alberta.  
The Diane J. Goldsmith awards recognize one outstanding tutor and one outstanding administrator from the meta-consortium, which represents over 140 institutions across 15 US states and 2 Canadian provinces. This year, the nominating committee chose to give two outstanding tutor awards, both to tutors from eTutor Alberta. “These awards affirm the excellent work that we do as a consortium,” said Elizabeth Gripping, eTutor Alberta Program Coordinator. “They also testify to the strong contributions of our teams at Lethbridge College and MacEwan University and the exemplary work that Ashley and Kathleen do every day.”
After receiving her award, Hall remarked, “As a Writing and Learning Consultant, much of the work I do goes on behind the scenes, either through online tutoring or in-person appointments, so receiving this award is a wonderful recognition.” She also noted that eTutor Alberta has benefitted MacEwan students: “Prior to joining, it was difficult for some students, such as distance students or students who work, to access writing support. eTutor Alberta services offer students more flexibility to get the help they need.”
Burke also commented, “It was nice to be recognized by my colleague for my effort in helping students succeed; so for the meta-consortium to acknowledge this effort is an awesome feeling. eTutor Alberta provides quality writing support to students who otherwise may not be able to meet with a tutor. Students who use the service are not getting their assignment edited: they're learning that writing is a process—how to organize, how to cite properly, how to clearly explain evidence. It's great that post-secondary institutions in Alberta have access to this service, and it’s a pleasure working for it.”
“What a tremendous accomplishment for Ashley and Kathleen, and for eTutor Alberta,” said Tricia Donovan, Executive Director, eCampusAlberta. “These awards affirm the significant difference that the consortium is making. eCampusAlberta is proud to support this essential service for Alberta’s students.”
The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC), which first developed the platform and provides leadership for the meta-consortium, announced these awards on October 3, 2016.