Personalized Feedback from Professional Tutors

Whether you're working on a case study, an essay, or a lab report, sometimes it's just nice to get another person's perspective. Through the eWriting Lab, you can run your latest draft by us, and one of our professional tutors will get back to you shortly with helpful tips and resources. We strive to respond to each submission in 24-48 hours. At peak times of the term, we have a very high volume of submissions, so plan for a longer turnaround at these times. 

The Process

When you submit an assignment through the eWriting Lab, you can describe your assignment, upload your instructor's requirements, and specify your concerns. Your tutor will review this information and your paper and then provide feedback on a few of the most important areas where you can improve your work. Often, your tutor will address the concerns you have mentioned, but, as an experienced reader and writer, your tutor might also notice something important that you might have missed. Your tutor will not edit, correct, proofread, or rewrite your paper: if the tutor does the work for you, you won't actually learn much from the experience. Instead, the tutor will ask you questions and provide information that will help you strengthen your own writing. With your new knowledge and new skills, you'll write better in every paper, not just get by with this one. To keep improving your work, you can revise your essay and resubmit it for more feedback. In total, you can submit each essay up to three times. 

To get started, watch the video above, and then head to our Log In page to sign up!